This is a great question.  While there may not be an absolute correct answer applicable to every situation, the single overriding factor is determining which maintenance tasks, if not accomplished in a timely fashion will lead to more expensive repairs.

The most destructive and expensive conditions are caused by water.  Yep.  More than any other causeunidentified or otherwise unattended water seepage, leakage or runoff causes more costly damage than any other cause.  With that said, here are some home maintenance tasks to consider.

  • Walk through your home and regularly look at the ceiling for any staining.  Those stains are a sign of a water leak somewhere above.  The source needs to be determined and a fix implemented.  It could be a roof or room above on a multi-story house.  While you are the initial line of defense to identify the results of a leak, finding and fixing the leak may take a professional.  Contact Us Today!

  • Homes typically have pipe penetrations through the roof for plumbing vents, furnace and water heater exhaust, etc.  These devices typically pass through a rubber seal to prevent rain water from getting inside the walls of the house.  These rubber seals are extremely likely to crack from exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which voids their sealing capability and rain water starts to get past the seal, run down the pipe and enter inside the walls of your home.  These are very difficult to detect inside the house and walking around on the roof is extremely dangerous.  That is why you should have a roof inspection conducted by a professional approximately every 2-3 years.  This isn’t a job for an average homeowner so Contact Us Today!

  • Keep your eyes open for any water leaks around any water using fixture.  This includes taking a look under sink cabinets every once in a while to ensure there are no small leaks.  Small leaks may go unnoticed and ruin the cabinet base and could eventually ruin the structure under the cabinet. You should also take a quick look around any other water using fixture.  If you identify an issue beyond your capabilities to deal with, Contact Us Today!

  • Of special importance regarding potential sources of water damage are the water hoses connecting your clothes washer to the water source at the wall.  Typically, clothes washers come with the least expensive hoses the manufacturer can acquire.  These hoses are typically some type of rubber product and are susceptible to failure and complete rupture after only several years in service.  It is best to replace these cheaper hoses with braided steel hoses, or replace the original hoses every 4-5 years.  Think about the damage from opening a water hose full blast in your home, while you are not around to notice.  These incidents are not at all uncommon.  The best course of action is to turn the water off at the wall when the clothes washer is not being used.  If you find a situation where you need assistance to inspect or replace these hoses, or any other issue around the house, Contact Us Today!

  • HVAC systems work very hard to keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  It is most economical to have your system inspected and serviced as appropriate prior to their heavy use periods.  So, schedule an appointment to have your system serviced today, before it is an emergency.  It is less expensive to have your system checked before all the HVAC companies are overrun with calls when the weather extremes are upon us. Contact Us Today!

  • Clothes dryer vent fires are not at all uncommon.  So, what do you do?  First, don’t leave your clothes dryer running when you are not home to attend the process.  2nd, get your dryer vent professionally cleaned to remove any excess lint build up from the vent.  Depending on the location of the dryer in the house, the dryer vent can be many feet in length and can accumulate highly combustible lint over time.  Cleaning a long run of vent takes appropriate equipment and technique.  So, Contact Us Today to schedule service!
  • Garage doors are heavy and present a safety risk to anyone unlucky enough to get caught under one due to an imbalance, broken spring, or malfunctioning garage door opener.  Many aspects of your garage door should be inspected, secured and tested every year to ensure proper operation and mitigate the likelihood of a safety concern. This isn’t a job for the average homeowner, so, Contact Us Today to schedule service!

The list above is just a primer on the types of maintenance actions homeowners should be aware of and taking action on routinely.  There are many, many other maintenance tasks that need to be accomplished around your home that should be done by a professional.  So, contact us today to schedule whatever service you may need. 

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