One thing is certain if you own a home, there seems to be an endless list of maintenance items to accomplish to keep your home looking and performing its best!

Performing maintenance tasks consistently ensures you continue to enjoy your beautiful home.  Keeps your home from deteriorating and identifies needed repairs before substantial damage can occur, which inevitably will end up costing much more to repair.  Much like maintaining a car, routine maintenance of your home will prevent costly damage.

Over the long run, in order to ensure your home provides the enjoyment you deserve, routine maintenance, repairs, and improvements are a required and beneficial.  A properly maintained home will appraise at the highest value the market can support and will sell quickest when you decide the time is right. 


Home repairs have numerous advantages; however, sometimes home owners delay making repairs for various reasons.  Often times the financial cost of repairs is cited as the reason to postpone making needed repairs.  This is a catch 22 situation, because many times a repair that could be accomplished for a few hundred dollars is postponed, which leads to additional damage the results of which can cost many thousands of dollars to repair.  When it comes to home maintenance, early and often is a mantra you should consider adopting.  As Benjamin Franklin famously said, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”

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