Of course, every homeowner’s situation is different, but there are some great reasons to consider a home renovation project.  These projects are typically done with the goal of increasing your joy of living in your home.  Homeowners select projects that beautify their home and make it more livable and more loveable.  Some of the most common projects are listed below and all may increase your home’s value, marketability, or both!

  • Major kitchen renovation.  Does your kitchen look old and tired?  Are the cabinets, counters, appliances in bad condition or just so dated you hate to spend any time in the kitchen or have friends over?  Time to do something about this condition, so Contact Us Today to schedule some time with a professional who can work with you to get to a better place!
  • Major bathroom renovations.  When you walk into your bathroom, do your thoughts immediately go to the projects you would like to complete to update the look and functionality?  Kitchen and bath remodels typically provide the highest return on investment and many times financing is available to spread the cost out over time while you get to enjoy the results immediately.  This job is best left to a professional, so Contact Us Today to schedule some time with a professional who can work with your ideas to arrive at a plan to get the job done!
  • New durable flooring, either tile, stone, wood, etc. is in high demand in the marketplace and many home shoppers are specifically looking for the durability of these products and are willing to pay more for a home that provides what they are looking for.  These are major projects that require specific skills and experience to get the results you desire.  So, Contact Us Today to get these projects started!
  • New HVAC system.  Is your current HVAC system 15+ years old and hanging on by a thread?  Time for a new system and for good reason.  There is nothing like the peace of mind provided by knowing that on that first 90 degree plus day that your new HVAC system is up to the task.  Additionally, many advancements have been made in the design of modern HVAC equipment, which have resulted in a reduction in electricity use of almost 50%!  So, not only do you have peace of mind that your new equipment will function properly when needed, you can also relax knowing that your electricity use will be greatly reduced compared to your old system.  So, stop hanging on by a thread and Contact Us Today to get that new system installed!
  • Landscaping design and maintenance is of course the first thing seen by anyone approaching your house.  Everyone knows the old adage that you only have 15 seconds to make a first impression.  Well, guess what people see during those first very important seconds?  That’s right.  Your landscaping provides the window into what people expect to see inside.  While landscaping projects are important, they also require hard labor with heavy materials while exposed to the elements.  These projects are typically best left to professionals with the experience, manpower and equipment to handle the task.  So, Contact Us Today to get these projects started!
  • Repainting – Repainting the house is one of the easiest projects with a modest cost to make your home look and feel almost new again. 

The projects above are just a small sampling of the types of projects available from a variety of professionals.  For any project you may be considering, contact us first! 

Combined, all of these maintenance, repair, or renovation projects make you love your home even more, protect your investment, and potentially improve both the market value and market appeal of your home.  Get started on your project list today by contacting us now, and get ready to invite your friends and family over to admire the results! 

Let one of our Preferred Home Services Providers assist you in achieving your Home Improvement or Repair needs. We’ve Got You Covered!

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